Hello there!

My name is Alvin Phan and I am a TPM (technical program manager) based out of the San Francisco Bay Area. I have worked as a TPM and as an engineering manager at many cool tech start-ups, including Argo AI, Vicarious AI and Bossa Nova Robotics. My first foray into tech was at UC Irvine as a web developer implementing a custom CRM system and backend automation during my undergrad, and I have been in the industry ever since.

Software engineering fascinates me, I enjoy bringing engineering teams with others to drive towards a common goal through program management. I am a geek at heart and am consistently curious about automation and data. My experience spans many industries; my most recent stints involve autonomous vehicles and robotics, but I also have had exposure to the manufacturing industry as well as web/cloud app development.

I excel at Excel, enjoy organizing and putting order to chaos. I am versatile and can use numerous tools (such as Asana, AirTable, Google Sheets, and everyone’s favorite.. JIRA) to help create roadmaps and plans to communicate and align teams.

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Outside of work, I love traveling and food. In addition, I like hiking and enjoy running; the runner’s high after a good run is a great feeling. I like watching TV (particlarly comedies), tuning into hockey (San Jose Sharks) and hanging out with my cat, Marco.